Benefits to Adding Live Chat to Your Website

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Businesses continue to look for innovative ways to serve their customers better. One of the key components they can use today is a live chat feature on their site. With this feature, there is no waiting queue, no holds and your customers can get immediate answers. Live chat is increasingly becoming a standard norm to support customer service teams. If business offering towing services in Charlotte can implement live chat feature on their site, they will position themselves in a better chance to serve their customers.

By adding a live feature to a site or business, you greatly stand to benefit from common customer support roadblocks. You will get increased productivity on your support team thus giving your company a competitive advantage in the following ways.

Greater customer convenience

In terms of providing high-quality customer service, your support teams need to be accessible and timely in their response. With an added chat service to your site, you will meet those demands as customers will be getting immediate feedback on their queries. Most live chats don’t have a call queue so customers will not have to wait. The chat widget will also show there is a rep on the other side who is ready to help. A live chat feature also has another advantage as it eliminates the need to keep a customer on hold during the troubleshooting process. Customers find it very inconveniencing to be put on hold for a long time. Adding a live chat feature will without a doubt improve on customer experience.

Improved efficiency

A live chat feature offers added convenience making the support team more accessible. Most live chats allow support teams to handle more than one case at a time and this will improve on an individual as well as team’s productivity. The built-in delays in response give enough time for reps to take more than one case simultaneously. Even if there are no multiple chats, the structure of the channel makes it easier to communicate with a customer and offers a good platform for a customer to express themselves.

More cost-effective

A live chat feature gives reps a chance to take more cases within the same period. Businesses can use the same number of reps to double their output and take more support cases. Doing so will save businesses a significant amount of money and other resources, as well as spending less on the payroll. Live chat also opens up the possibility for use of chatbots that can automate the distribution of cases to the right support source. Online shopping relies heavily on positive customer experience and a live chat will improve the same.

More user friendly

Live chats can be described to be halfway between phone and web channels. They provide a happy medium for most support teams. When compared to phones, they don’t require an immediate response and it’s easy to maintain a fluid conversation. The built-in phases between chats gives reps ample time to gather important data to respond to customer inquiries in the most efficient manner.

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Excellent Ways to Get New Customers

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Bring new customers is the most important thing businesses should aspire for. We have used different strategies to attract and win new towing service clients from our competitors and with a good customer acquisition plan, the whole process becomes effortless. No matter how great your products or services are; your business will not be able to stay profitable unless you have a customer acquisition plan.

Small businesses are faced with a lot of challenges of staying in business, not because customers do not want their products or services, but because customers don’t even know their existence in the first place. Many businesses are faced with challenges of creating the best marketing and advertising strategy and they end up making lots of losses.

Let’s have a look at some of the best strategies you can include in your marketing plan to win new customers for your business.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the oldest forms of marketing and advertising that businesses have been using for decades. People are becoming increasingly suspicious of paid advertising and word of mouth still proves to work very well. As humans, when a customer is satisfied and happy about your products or services, they are likely to share their experiences with others in their circle. A satisfied customer is a great asset when it comes to spreading the word out there about your business. They go to a great length of promoting, convincing, and protecting your business. You only need to sell a product or service that works and provides a great value to everyone.

Free works like magic

Humans love free stuff. Giving away some of your products and services as free stuff will have a very positive impact on your business. It also gives a chance to show the value of your products and services as it shows that they work. Additionally, it provides customers with a risk-free way to try out products and services without having to worry. If customers find value in what you are offering, they will be very willing to pay more for the same.

Offer discounts and deals

Just like free stuff, discounts, and deals work like magic. They provide another creative and low-cost way of attracting new customers to your business. People normally see discounts and deals as a huge opportunity to save money, while at the same time enjoying a product or service they like. Discounts and deals also influence customers to buy more than they initially planned, because they want to benefit from the present offer. Offering deals and discounts also provides a unique way to publicize your brand.

Be on social

Today’s world is changing and businesses must be done online. If you are not on social, you are missing a lot on engaging with your customers and leading them to your business. Popular social media platforms you need to be active on include; YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also run ads on these platforms targeting your ideal customers

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Reasons You Should Make South Africa Your Next Holiday Destination

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Free photo: Cape Town, South AfricaSouth Africa is one of the most toured destinations in the world. You will never get disappointed when you decide to visit this vibrant country. Cape Town is a mixture of cultures. The city has a plethora of must see sites. It is effortless to dine around and get apartments for accommodation. Apart from touring, some visit this city for business. Due to government support and ease of doing business, you can quickly open any business be it towing, online business, money transfer, tours or partnering with already established local ones.

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Adventure Sports You Can Try in South Africa

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cage divingSouth Africa offers a host of activities ranging from water sports, sky diving, rock climbing, shark cage diving and much more. For an ultimate adrenaline rush, you can make plans to experience these sports. The diverse terrains of South Africa along with an ideal climate make the country an ideal destination for outdoor activities. Off the road riding is a fun sport to take part in. When stuck in these rugged terrains, you can look for services such as lexington towing to help you out. Those working during the week days in this country always make an effort of going adventurous during the weekend.

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Most Beautiful Natural Places to Tour in South Africa

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University_of_JohannesburgSouth Africa has almost all the features that travelers long for in a vacation destination. Talk about beautiful weather, amazing beaches, gorgeous scenery, superb cuisines, fabulous life, modern accommodation, airport transfers services similar to those offered by and a well-developed infrastructure. The southern tip of Africa offers an exotic array of life time adventures that you can have a taste. From diving with sharks to off-roading, South Africa is the place to be.

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Ways to Get Around South Africa

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union of south africaSouth Africa is a wild and diverse country that presents an abundance of activities for a traveler to enjoy. This country is surprisingly big, and it is imperative that you put some serious thoughts on how you are going to get around. For example, it may take 19 hours to travel from Cape Town to Johannesburg. The infrastructure in this country is excellent, with good transport links. Despite the considerable distance, traveling across most of South Africa places is relatively straightforward.

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Why Palace of the lost city in South Africa is so popular

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You can ask anyone in South Africa about the one resort that is the most popular and the best to go to, and everyone will agree that it is the Palace of the lost city, or just Lost City as most people know the resort. There are many different resorts like beach resorts, bush resorts and lake resorts that you can book in South Africa, but Lost City is the one that people are most popular with. Here are some of the reasons why the Lost City in South Africa is so popular:

They have an inland beach

One of the reasons why the Lost City is so popular among tourists and South Africans, is because of the inland beach and ocean that they have to offer. Meaning that you can play in the ocean and waves without going to a coast. This makes it one of the firsts in South Africa. Having a beach without going to a real beach.

Activities for people of all ages

There isn’t just the inland beach.  There are a large variety of activities that you can enjoy when you are at this resort. There are swimming pools, thrilling rides, and a high-class spa.

If you are looking for a holiday destination where you and your whole family will enjoy the holiday, then this is the one resort in South Africa that you need to book at. This is one of the resorts with the most activities in the whole of South Africa.

Two different golf courses

If you are a gold lover, then you should make sure that you are going to the Lost City. There you will not just fine one golf course, but you will find two world class golf courses. These golf courses are used for many golf tournaments and many famous golf players have played on these golf courses.

There might be many golf course resorts in South Africa, but the ones in the Lost City is just from another class, and golf players will agree.

Five star restaurants

The last reason why the Lost City is so popular is the restaurants that you can find at this resort. Not only is this high quality restaurants, but it is five-star restaurants where you will find the best foods prepared by the land’s best chefs. Staying at this resort, you will not need to worry about what’s for diner.

Palace of the Lost City. This is the one resort in South Africa that you should visit at least one’s in your life. There might be many resorts in South Africa, but the Lost City is offering you things that you will not find anywhere else. This is one of the best resorts, but also the most expensive resorts in South Africa. It is worth the money spent.

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