cage divingSouth Africa offers a host of activities ranging from water sports, sky diving, rock climbing, shark cage diving and much more. For an ultimate adrenaline rush, you can make plans to experience these sports. The diverse terrains of South Africa along with an ideal climate make the country an ideal destination for outdoor activities. Off the road riding is a fun sport to take part in. When stuck in these rugged terrains, you can look for services such as lexington towing to help you out. Those working during the week days in this country always make an effort of going adventurous during the weekend.

If you are in the hunt for a list of adventure sports you can try in South Africa, here are some.

Shark Cage Diving

While scuba diving is quite popular all over the world, shark cage diving is equally good. You will experience a one on one encounter with these massive predators. The waters of west cape town play home to some of the world’s largest species and the endangered white sharks. Another sea side town known as Gansbaai which is 2.5 holookingurs drive from Cape Town is known to be a great destination for white sharks. To participate in shark cage diving, you do not need to have any prior diving experience. All you need is courage.


sandboardingAnother way to experience the beauty of South Africa is through sandboarding. It is a concept adopted from snowboarding. It is comparatively cheaper and less fearful as compared to snowboarding. You do not need to battle with fear when sandboarding. This sport is offered at the magnificent Atlantis dunes which are located 30 minutes from the city of cape town.

Extreme Sports

South Africa has more than 100 extreme exploits that you can take part in. These include bungee jumping, skydiving, sandboarding, jungle zip lining, scuba diving, parasailing among other activities. Prices for these activities range but expect to pay around 1,000 ZAR.

Enjoy the Amazing Cape Town

Cape Town gives you the chance to experience the best of what the city has to offer. The vibe is so relaxed that you would wish to stay forever because the city has so much to offer. You can hike up table mountain and explore the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. You can also watch street performers doing their art at the V&A Waterfront or visit the Robben islands for its pristine beaches. There are also a variety of museums, relaxing in yoga classes or participate in wine tours.

Drive the Garden Route

One of South Africa’s primary tourist draws is driving the Garden Route. The route is an elongated stretch along the Indian ocean from Mossel Bay to St Francis. Along with this route, there are beautiful scenery and wineries that you are bound to enjoy. The route is only a few hundred kilometers, and it presents one of the best ways to explore along the way. Else, you can head southwards towards the KwaZulu Natal coast to relax and have a quiet time. At this spot, there are a lot of things to do, including spotting animals, riding in waves and enjoying amazing dishes.