Businesses continue to look for innovative ways to serve their customers better. One of the key components they can use today is a live chat feature on their site. With this feature, there is no waiting queue, no holds and your customers can get immediate answers. Live chat is increasingly becoming a standard norm to support customer service teams. If business offering towing services in Charlotte can implement live chat feature on their site, they will position themselves in a better chance to serve their customers.

By adding a live feature to a site or business, you greatly stand to benefit from common customer support roadblocks. You will get increased productivity on your support team thus giving your company a competitive advantage in the following ways.

Greater customer convenience

In terms of providing high-quality customer service, your support teams need to be accessible and timely in their response. With an added chat service to your site, you will meet those demands as customers will be getting immediate feedback on their queries. Most live chats don’t have a call queue so customers will not have to wait. The chat widget will also show there is a rep on the other side who is ready to help. A live chat feature also has another advantage as it eliminates the need to keep a customer on hold during the troubleshooting process. Customers find it very inconveniencing to be put on hold for a long time. Adding a live chat feature will without a doubt improve on customer experience.

Improved efficiency

A live chat feature offers added convenience making the support team more accessible. Most live chats allow support teams to handle more than one case at a time and this will improve on an individual as well as team’s productivity. The built-in delays in response give enough time for reps to take more than one case simultaneously. Even if there are no multiple chats, the structure of the channel makes it easier to communicate with a customer and offers a good platform for a customer to express themselves.

More cost-effective

A live chat feature gives reps a chance to take more cases within the same period. Businesses can use the same number of reps to double their output and take more support cases. Doing so will save businesses a significant amount of money and other resources, as well as spending less on the payroll. Live chat also opens up the possibility for use of chatbots that can automate the distribution of cases to the right support source. Online shopping relies heavily on positive customer experience and a live chat will improve the same.

More user friendly

Live chats can be described to be halfway between phone and web channels. They provide a happy medium for most support teams. When compared to phones, they don’t require an immediate response and it’s easy to maintain a fluid conversation. The built-in phases between chats gives reps ample time to gather important data to respond to customer inquiries in the most efficient manner.