union of south africaSouth Africa is a wild and diverse country that presents an abundance of activities for a traveler to enjoy. This country is surprisingly big, and it is imperative that you put some serious thoughts on how you are going to get around. For example, it may take 19 hours to travel from Cape Town to Johannesburg. The infrastructure in this country is excellent, with good transport links. Despite the considerable distance, traveling across most of South Africa places is relatively straightforward.

With a well-organized network in the public transport and an excellent range of car rental companies, South Africa has the best road system in Africa. The country has the continent’s most advanced and comprehensive network of internal flights. Transport in urban areas of South Africa can be conveniently done through the use of private transport.

Here are different ways to get around South Africa.

The Bus

A lot of companies run in the country including the famous Intercape, Greyhound and Baz Bus which takes care for visitors. These bus tours run from Johannesburg to Cape Town and vice versa with various stops on the way. You can begin your trip anywhere and hop on and off whenever you want. There is no limit on how long you can take to go to and from one town to the other. You can get one-way fares on Baz Bus starting from 500 Rand for the shortest travel which takes about 2 hours. The drawbacks of using bus include dealing with lack of transport once you get to the destination.


Africa is the place that defines the number of people who can get to minivans. Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly fit, another person pops in. Vans present a very cheap way to get around South Africa. They are usually taken lasting up to six hours. Minivans don’t leave until they are full, so the best thing is to jump on one that looks ready to go, to avoid waiting for hours before another fills.

Car Hire

toursHiring a car will affect your budget, but it is a sure and effortless way to tour South Africa. Ensure you know which destinations you want to go, so that you can plan accordingly and cut on extra expenses. Hired cars present a flexible, relaxed and comfortable rides. You can hire a car across the beautiful Garden Route, which is a popular scenic stretch of South African Coast. Car hires in South Africa can go for as cheap as $30, especially if you book online.

Overland Safari Tours

Overland safari tours consist of organized package tours of Africa that are filled with short-term travelers who would want to see Africa without a lot of hassles. If you are a little bit intimidated about traveling in Africa alone, the best options you have are the overland safari tours. Note that these tours are more expensive concerning food and transport. However, they include more fun and are tailor-made in regards to client’s instructions. Seven-day all-inclusive tours start at around $750 and go up to $6000 for a 63-day South African tour.